Each year, an average of 6 million people plan to get engaged on Valentine’s Day, according to creditdonkey.com. While some find it a bit too cliché, those who choose Valentine’s Day to propose have a predisposed romantic advantage over the other 364 days of the year. After all of the hustle and bustle of shopping, holidays, travel, and family, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to focus inward and to enjoy such a special moment privately before announcing it to the rest of the world. Whether you’re one of those 6 million, or have one of the “Big Ones” (birthdays and anniversaries that end in a 0 or a 5) coming up this year, we have something that will take your creative gift giving to a whole new level.

Johannes Hunter Jewelers has a Colorado exclusive partnership with RingCam, a new innovative company that has patented a ring box with a tiny video camera embedded. Now, all of your time and energy spent on creating that perfect moment to surprise your significant other with the jewelry piece of their dreams can be captured, relived, and replayed long after the memory has faded.

RingCam captures your special moment in 720p high definition, superior audio, and with just the push of a button. With twenty minutes of recording time, you can be sure to capture every second of surprise. Video footage is immediately accessible by simply plugging the RingCam into a computer or tablet for you to share or keep stored away. No more having to sneak photographers, videographers or friends with cameras behind trees or under tables in hopes to capture the moment, the look, and the emotion. Come visit us and ask to give the RingCam a try.

There are many things that the staff at Johannes Hunters Jewelers is passionate about, but the one thing that we all love most is the challenge of one-of-a-kind gift giving; creating the perfect piece and presentation that will take your special someone’s breath away. If you are celebrating one of the “Big Ones”, planning an engagement, celebrating a personal milestone, or are looking to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, let us help you find not only the perfect gift, but the perfect way to present and capture the moment forever.

Happy gift giving!

Johannes Hunter Jewelers