Pantone has released its picks for the 2013 spring color trends!

And the 2013 Color of the Year is…. Emerald! We are thrilled that gemstone hues have taken center stage!

From kitchen gadgets to home décor to fashion, emerald is the color this year. Look around Dorothy, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to the emerald city!

Emerald is a truly versatile color. It is suited for any complexion as it has both warm and cool undertones.

Emerald pairs wonderfully with other shades of green. Tsavorite, green sapphire, peridot and green jade are all a great place to start. These colors emanate an undeniable boldness that is so emerald-esque. Combinations of these gem-tones exude confidence. They’re dynamic, they’re strong and they definitely make a statement.

Emerald also gets along with its neighbors.

Emerald, meet Blue. Try pairing emerald with a deep Monaco blue – it’s a staple that looks good on everyone. Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, tanzanite and iolite are all gemstones with deep shades of blue that deserve some attention this year. For a softer statement, play with the translucence of blue moonstone, blue chalcedony and labradorite. Take it a shade lighter and contrast emerald with sparkling aquamarine, blue topaz and blue zircon.

Emerald, meet Yellow. There is a delicious assortment of lemons and pineapples that complement emerald beautifully. Dig in to amber, agate, citrine, golden topaz and yellow sapphire as side dishes!

Poise any warm hue next to an emerald for an artistic match. Pair an emerald with a ruby for sophistication and elegance. If you’re a little bit more edgy – pair an emerald with a Mandarin garnet.

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