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Fashion Influence: Dior's "New Look"

In 1947, Christian Dior redefined womenswear with a collection that was deemed the “New Look,” due to its emphasis on the feminine silhouette. Sixty-six years later, curvaceous silhouettes are again being celebrated in Fall 2013 fashion. We're seeing nipped waists and body-hugging looks.

What type of jewelry would you pair with this re-imagined "new look?" Classic pearl earrings? Or something more modern?

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Jun 29, 2013 3:26:16 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

I recently was invited to a garden tea-party and pulled together this fun, whimsical outfit. My inspiration was jewelry, of course! Labradorite and yellow gold complement each other perfectly in these great earrings and necklace by designer Lika Behar. I thought the playful colors and natural shape were just perfect for a summer garden party! Slip into a deep yellow frilly dress and a comfortable pair of pumps - and you're ready for tea-time in the garden!

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Jun 29, 2013 3:23:56 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Floral Dress

The spring runway shows this year were full of floral fantasy. The styles ranged from bright jumpsuits to elegant evening wear with subtle flowers. The runway isn't the only place you'll see this floral trend. Floral jewelry design is in full bloom as well!

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Jun 27, 2013 3:28:43 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Pairing graphic blocks of bold colors together is a fashion trend that can’t be ignored! Color blocking is all over the runway and inside the pages of every fashion magazine. Try color blocking with your jewelry by wearing one piece of jewelry that has multiple blocks of color or by pairing multiple pieces that have bold color combinations. We have several color-blocking options in stock in our Colorado Springs jewelry store! For example, take a peek at these multi-color beauties by designer Marco Bicego.

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Jun 26, 2013 3:35:00 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Designer Toby Pomeroy is one of our most recent additions to the store. Toby Pomeroy is the leading jewelry design studio in bringing sustainability and fair trade ethics to the jewelry industry in the United States. The jewelry is sourced from the earth with the same love and care with which it is handcrafted. It truly is a refined, timeless collection of jewelry equally ethical as it is elegant. This definitely is jewelry you can feel really good about wearing.

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Jun 25, 2013 3:35:37 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Need inspiration for your next cocktail party? Pull on a chic black dress and tie it all together with a long pair of dangle earrings. These unique earrings are sure to take your cocktail attire from so-so to smashing!

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May 30, 2013 3:37:22 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Summer is here! Time to bust out those white pants you've nearly forgotten about. Pull on a breezy 3/4 length top, some strappy wedges and don't forget the sparkle! Now you're ready for summer evening barbeques. (Don't spill on those crisp white pants!)

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May 18, 2013 3:47:00 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Happy Birthday, May babies! In honor of the May birthday-girls, I have selected this beautiful emerald and diamond pendant. Shown from the side, you can see what a truly unique piece this is. I love the way that the full body of the emerald is exposed from the side - and I really love that it is surrounded by a half-circle of diamonds! Does any one else agree that this is the ultimate birthday gift?

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May 7, 2013 3:49:03 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Blue sapphire and diamond ring available at Johannes Hunter Jewelers. Pair with a navy blue dress and classic navy blue shoes for the perfect summer-evening-date-night look! Come in to our Colorado Springs jewelry store today and check out our selection of blue sapphire and diamond rings today!

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May 6, 2013 3:53:16 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

Jewelry is available at Johannes Hunter Jewelers in Colorado Springs (Dove's turquoise, black diamond and white diamond drop earrings). Pair them with a blousy turquoise top - now you're ready to hit the town!

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May 1, 2013 3:54:51 PM By Elspeth Jewelry Trends

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