In 1947, Christian Dior redefined womenswear with a collection that was deemed the “New Look,” due to its emphasis on the feminine silhouette. Sixty-six years later, curvaceous silhouettes are again being celebrated in Fall 2013 fashion. We're seeing nipped waists and body-hugging looks.

What type of jewelry would you pair with this re-imagined "new look?" Classic pearl earrings? Or something more modern? Fashion amazes me, how it never ceases to cycle and repeat itself. Each time a trend goes around, it is tweaked and adjusted for modern times. I would imagine that as we re-visit feminine silhouettes, we'll see it done with much more current fabrics and modern accesories. I love the idea of jumping at the opportunity to re-visit, yet re-invent the wheel each time it comes around.

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Fashion Influence: Dior's "New Look"