This month, we’re highlighting our good friends, Sholdt, as the featured designer.

Since 1935, the Sholdt family has been a leader in the jewelry design business. Always employing the most talented goldsmiths in the trade, the Sholdt family business grew from a jewelry repair shop in the mid-30s to one of the most prestigious names in the jewelry industry. Sholdt has been honored with many acclaimed design awards, including the DeBeers Diamonds Today Award. They continue to maintain their high quality standards with the most gifted craftsmen available, constantly drawing on their expertise as they create each piece with the utmost care. Many of Sholdt’s team members have been with the company for 25 years or more. Based in Seattle, Washington, the Sholdt legacy continues with Kalee, the fourth generation Sholdt who took ownership of the business in 2014.

Johannes Hunter Jewelers has carried the Sholdt design in the store since 1999. Linda and Robin originally discovered this wonderful designer when they met Kalee’s father at a jewelry trade show and were impressed with the quality and attention to detail in each of his showcased pieces. All of the Sholdt creations are actualized in-house, their jewelry speaks for itself through its originality and distinction. Each style has an organic and feminine feel to it.

A signature feature by Sholdt is their “Fern Finish” which was inspired by the texture found on the backside of nature’s fern leaf. In the early 90’s, Brian Stoldt began using this finish on a few designs and later grew into their most distinction design detail. This finish is made up of little tiny rows of a hand fabricated texture called “millgrain”.

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The JHJ team continues to swoon over Sholdt designs, so much so that Kat, our Marketing Coordinator, was proud to choose a Sholdt design for her wedding ring.

Photos courtesy of Sholdt.