The holidays are fast approaching. As you plan for that highly anticipated party or event, be sure to include a trip to Johannes Hunter Jewelers in your pre-holiday plans. We offer free jewelry cleaning and inspection as a gift to you year-round!

Clean, sparkling jewelry will be the finishing touch to complete that special holiday attire. Whether your jewelry was purchased from JHJ or not, we will clean and inspect your most treasured pieces. We want to return your jewelry looking like new!

Our cleaning service is a three-step process. It includes polishing, an ultrasonic bath, and high pressure steaming to remove accumulated dirt and debris.

Polishing involves an agent called "rouge" and a spinning wheel that removes scratches, dings, and nicks from the metal.

The ultrasonic bath uses sound waves that move through a warm cleansing solution to remove dirt and debris, which JHJ calls “giving your jewelry a bath”. To ensure your jewelry is protected, emeralds, tanzanite, opals, and pearls do not go through the ultrasonic bath.

Our high pressure steaming is the third and final step in making sure your jewelry is as clean as possible. This process removes the excess polishing agent and any remaining dirt.

Our in-house jeweler, Shannon, checks for loose gems and broken or worn prongs and metal. Each piece is meticulously checked for any other necessary maintenance. If repairs are required, we provide you with education about these issues and a quote to provide the care needed to restore the integrity of each piece. In most cases, we will have all repairs completed within 10 business days.

Cleaning can usually be done while you wait, but our convenient location at University Village Colorado allows you to drop off your jewelry while you run other necessary errands on your holiday checklist. We are in the same complex as Costco, Trader Joes, and Veda Salon!

Be sure to stop in, say hello and give your jewelry some sparkle!