Our newest jewelry spotlight involves favorite pieces selected by JHJ staff. Even after looking at sparkling jewelry all day, every day, we're still suckers for all things diamonds, gemstones, and more!

This week, we asked Linda to walk the display cases and choose her favorite piece. A couple minutes later, she selected a Johannes Hunter Original a yellow gold and opal pendant.

I love the brilliant blues, greens and red flashes of the Australian opal center surrounded by diamonds. The side gallery has beautifully detailed openwork. This is a simple design created with such finesse that it brings it to another level of beauty." - Linda Hunter

Linda has been fond of this pendant since the custom design came together. The just over three carat opal is so maginificant and colorful on its own that Linda knew it only needed a classic setting to accentuate its beauty. The opal dangles in an "East-West" orientation and is surrounded by a halo of diamonds. An unexpected detail is found on the sides and back of the pendant- delicate open scrollwork that adds a touch of sentiment to the pendant.

Shop this gorgeous pendant and more here: johanneshunter.com/jewelry/jhj-faves

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