Our newest jewelry spotlight involves favorite pieces selected by JHJ staff. Even after looking at sparkling jewelry all day, every day, we're still suckers for all things diamonds, gemstones, and more!

Rebekah's pick this month is part of the Eddie Sakamoto collection, which has become known as a JHJ staple. Here's what she has to say about this unique pendant:

"The graceful movement and unique texture of this Eddie Sakamoto pendant attracted my eye instantly. The sleek halo of intricately set diamonds suspended over the highly contrasted concave fixture creates a major statement! ” - Rebekah Johnson

Two features of this pendant make it especially unique; the swinging halo of diamonds set in 18K white gold and the boldly textured oxidized sterling silver. From the front, the sparkling circle of diamonds looks as though it is floating on top of the contrasting silver pendant. Once inspected further, a well hidden attachment can be seen from the side that allows the diamond section to swing back and forth. The organic cuts on the dark background perfectly offset the otherwise geometric and sleek design. Shop this pendant and other staff favorites here: johanneshunter.com/jewelry/jhj-faves

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