Our newest jewelry spotlight involves favorite pieces selected by JHJ staff. Even after looking at sparkling jewelry all day, every day, we're still suckers for all things diamonds, gemstones, and more!

This week, we asked Robin to select her favorite piece in the store- she chose a loose teardrop cabochon Brazilian paraiba tourmaline gemstone that was just recently acquired at the last jewelry trade show hosted in Las Vegas. It weighs 4.08ct and is currently waiting to be set in a new home. Here's what she has to say about this mesmerizing stone:

“My current favorite thing at JHJ is a brand new teardrop shaped Brazilian paraiba tourmaline cabochon. It’s incredibly rare and boasts an unusual vibrant blueish green color. It will soon be set into a pendant once I get it designed!" - Robin Johannes

This stone is an easy favorite! It's amazing to think that such an intensely saturated and unique color stone came from the ground. Robin sure does have a great eye for rare gemstones just like this one! Shop other staff picks here:

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