This beautiful custom piece of jewelry is what we call a "mother's ring." The ring has a birthstone for each of a mother's children. In this case, a proud mom represented all of her children and a few grandchildren as well!

This ring is 14 karat white gold and contains six colored gemstones in varied shapes/cuts. The birthstones are showcased by a gentle "weave" pattern. This "weave" is comprised of two intersecting waves. Prong set into one of the waves are modern round brilliant cut diamonds.

Mother's rings make a wonderful gift - especially for Mother's Day! You can also make mother's pendants, bracelets, earrings, brooches... this sky is the limit!

Here at Johannes Hunter Jewelers in Colorado Springs, we can help you design the perfect custom piece of jewelry for Mom. Come in today and we'll start up a custom design. It's a fun, rewarding process and we promise that Mom will love the results.

Mother's Ring