Wedding Rings

Your wedding ring is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear. Follow this set of questions to help make sure you find the perfect symbol of your love.

What's your size? Let us help you figure out the right size for your wedding ring. Fingers fluxuate in size depending on temperature, so finding a perfect happy-medium between hot and cold fingers is very important. Come see us today and we'll tell you your perfect wedding ring size!

What color gold? This one is all about personal preference. Think about what you like.

Narrow or wide band? Come in to our jewelry showroom today and try on a variety of widths of wedding rings. You won't know what feels and looks right until it is actually on your hand.

What kind of finish? Another topic of personal preference. Some like it shiny, some like it matte!

Will your wedding rings match? Some couples like their wedding rings to match. Others choose their bands individually.

What message (if any) do you want to engrave in your rings? Think about engraving a personal message to each other in your rings. Our external network of hand engraving specialists excel in personal messages.

Which rings have you seen and loved? Take pictures on your phone! Tear out images/advertisments from magazines. Start up a pinterest account and "pin" everything you like!