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Custom Jewelry Design

The custom jewelry process

Create One-of-A-Kind Jewelry With Us

At Johannes Hunter Jewelers, we believe custom jewelry is a reflection of so many things about you. It can tell a story about your style, your favorite colors, your memories, all captured in a single piece of beautiful jewelry.

We pride ourselves in our ability to craft original designs based on your imagination and creativity, whether it’s something brand new, or something incorporating sentimental keepsakes or family heirlooms. With the guidance of our in-house team of designers, gemologists and goldsmiths, we excel at creating your custom wedding sets and one-of-a-kind jewelry.

The Process

From our first meeting with you until the moment you hold your finished creation in the palm of your hand, our in-house designers and goldsmiths are here to listen to your desires and guide your custom design experience to its fruition. Our easy four-step process helps you design custom jewelry with confidence.

Step One: Exploration

Begin with an initial consultation to brainstorm ideas, to identify your likes and dislikes and to determine the kind of jewelry you will wear and enjoy. Bring in your gemstones or choose from our versatile collection of colored stones and diamonds. Show us pictures or sketches to inspire your design, or let us provide sketches and ideas for you.

Custom ring sketch

Step Two: Transformation

Depending on the design, we will either create a wax model, a Computer-Aided Design rendering, or begin to hand-fabricate the precious metal of your choice. Watch your design transform! At this stage, additional changes or notes can be made until it is just right. We’re within sight of your completed piece!

Custom ring CAD design

Step Three: Finalization

The model or CAD rendering is now cast in your desired precious metal or the hand-fabrication is finished to pristine condition. Gemstones or diamonds are then carefully set into place. The newly created keepsake is inspected with the utmost attention to ensure it meets your expectations. It’s time for the reveal!

Top view of a custom ring

Step Four: Presentation

The joy and excitement your new cherished jewelry brings is our greatest reward. Each custom jewelry project may follow a similar path, but no two are alike. We believe every single piece that is designed is worth the time, worth the effort and worth the attention to detail to make it absolutely perfect for you or your loved one for years to come.

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