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Find Your Diamond

At Johannes Hunter Jewelers, we continue our strong reputation of high quality and 100% transparency when it comes to diamonds.

Natural Diamonds

Visit us in store to view our wide selection of loose diamonds that are waiting be to set in the ring of your dreams. From the renowned Fire & Ice proprietary cut diamonds, to modern round brilliant cut, to pear shape, each and every diamond is personally selected by our trained staff. Therefore, our on-hand diamonds represent a wide spectrum of colors and clarities that surpass your quality (and sparkle!) expectations.

four carat diamond ring

Custom Johannes Hunter Jewelers 4.06 carat round brilliant diamond ring

As respected members of the jewelry industry since 1988, Johannes Hunter Jewelers has strong relationships with many reputable diamond dealers across the nation. This allows us to bring in any diamond, no matter the shape, size, etc. Looking for a fancy shape like oval, cushion or even heart? Allow us to present multiple options within a couple days. Do you prefer size over color? Just say the word and we’re able to show you 2 carat, 3 carat or even 5 carat diamonds or larger!

Lab-Grown and Man Made Diamonds

Johannes Hunter Jewelers does not carry lab-grown, lab created or engineered diamonds. Our loose diamond and diamond jewelry collections are made of up of natural diamonds ethically mined from the Earth.

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