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Why Buy A Diamond At JHJ?

At Johannes Hunter Jewelers, we hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to diamonds and diamond education.

With a world of information at our fingertips, researching and purchasing a diamond has never been more accessible. After researching online and viewing dozens of available diamonds, how do you know you are really getting what you are paying for? How do you know you can trust any diamond seller? 

Read what sets us apart below:

    1. We are 100% transparent and will always fully educate our clients about a diamond. We don’t leave out details just to make a sale. Our goal is to provide excellent service and to earn trust with our clients.
    2. Each and every diamond is hand selected by our in-house gemologists and buyers in order to provide the best value to our clients.
    3. We are extremely particular when sourcing diamonds and are known to carry only the best in each class. For example, diamonds with the same color and clarity may have different characteristics that can lessen the quality. We choose only the best combination of characteristics possible.
    4. The majority of our diamonds are accompanied by GIA or AGS lab reports, which are the most trusted in the industry.
    5. All of our diamonds are natural and untouched by enhancing technology, with the exception of a few irradiated fancy colored diamonds.
    6. We don’t purchase diamonds in parcels, where diamonds off all sizes, colors, and clarity are sold in bulk at lower prices per carat. This ensures that our inventory reflects the highest quality in each category.
    7. Below is a list showing a very large selection of diamonds that can easily be accessed by anyone interested in purchasing a diamond.
    8. In addition, we proudly carry specially cut diamonds by Fire & Ice Diamond.

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