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Marcel Roelofs Jewelry Showcase

We're welcoming designer Marcel Roelofs to Colorado Springs for an exclusive showcase featuring his interchangeable jewelry line on July 18th through the 20th! Stop in to meet the designer and learn about his innovative designs.

July 19th 10am-6pm · July 20th 10am-5pm

Private appointments with Marcel available on July 18th only, 10am-6pm. Schedule an appointment below:


marcel roelofs giveaway

Join us and enter into a FREE giveaway contest of one Murano glass Marcel Roelofs interchangeable centerpiece clasp! This giveaway is open for THREE DAYS ONLY! Don't miss out!

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say!

"The first time I saw Marcel’s line of jewelry, I was fascinated by it’s versatility.  By buying just a few of his pieces, I doubled my jewelry possibilities.  The versatility isn’t just about the number of possible combinations, but about going from dressy to casual in a heartbeat…or a click.  You can do rubber, wire, pearls, chunky quartz or fine metal necklaces.  The pendants can go from simple dichroic glass to diamonds and druzy quartz.  The combinations are endless.   In fact, I’ve worn Marcel’s designs to both our sons’ weddings and to a casual dinner out. 

Besides the versatility of his line, I was struck by his unique designs.  You know when you wear them that they are one of a kind. I’ve been teased about whipping my necklace off and showing how it works to people who come up and ask me about it.  It’s fun to recruit new fans to Marcel’s work.  I’m so looking forward to his next show to see how he can dazzle me again." - Camilla W.



Dutch jewelry designer Marcel Roelofs has lived and worked in Germany since the early 1970's. Adapting the idea of an innovative interchangeable system, he transforms purely functional clasps into gorgeous versatile pendants. His extensive range of clasps in one-of-a-kind gemstones and vibrant Murano glass -- together with unique necklaces -- create flawless combinations of function and beauty.

marcel roelofs

Marcel Roelofs jewelry showcases unique centerpiece clasps with innovative spring systems to allow easy interchangeability. His idea is to remove the clasp from its purely functional niche and place a spotlight on it as a jewelry item in its own right. The extensive range of interchangeable clasps that Marcel Roelofs offers enable the creation of countless variations, combinations and individual designs. Ingenious, secure bayonet fastener systems enable the wearer to interchange the clasp elements with ease - to suit the mood or occasion.

marcel roelofs necklaces

marcel roelofs earrings

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