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Our Stories

The JHJ Family's Collection of Stories...

From engagements to anniversaries to special moments in life, we love being a part of all the exciting events happening in our JHJ family's lives, and more importantly, we want to share these experiences with everyone.

Cortnie & Johnathan

 Collage of Cortnie's proposal and engagement ring.

We are deeply in love and proof that Prayers are answers! We are both in our 30s and have never been married. Prior to meeting one another, we both were starting to seriously doubt whether or not finding our true love was in the cards for us. Well, it was and we are so incredibly blessed by one another and the amazing family and friends that surround us! 

The Proposal:

Johnathan proposed at Quail Lake which is one of Cortnie's favorite places to walk. Johnathan had secretly arranged for Cortnie's best friend, his best friend, and both  families to be there as witnesses and to help celebrate! Everyone read Cortnie a line from a script Jonathan had written of reasons why he loves her and they each handed her a rose with their line. Then Johnathan got down on one knee and proposed...and of course she said YES!!!

The Ring:

Princess cut centerstone set in a platinum criss-cross with diamond accent euro shank mounting.


Julie & Jason

Jason proposes to Julie - presenting her a custom-created Natural Fancy Color Rose cut diamond bezel set engagement ring!

Here's the ring we custom designed for them! By the way, she said YES!

Melissa & Teren

Melissa has always adored the picture of a sailor kissing a nurse on V-J Day in Times Square, so it was a no brainer for me to recreate that picture with our own twists. Being a Colorado Springs girl, making sure Pikes Peak was in the picture was the obvious landmark that I wanted to include. Also, we both love local places and some of our very first dates were downtown, so I knew having the downtown businesses included would have a special meaning.

Once I had the idea of where and what I wanted to do. I had to pick a photographer. Rebecca, Melissa's sister, has a photographer friend who takes her family photos and is a believer...so I started there. And it was perfect. I was able to give her my vision for the proposal and she was able to use her creative genius to give me exactly what I was looking for.

As for getting Melissa in the right clothes to pull off the shot...that was an interesting manuever. I wanted her in her scrubs, not some cheesy white outfit because I wanted it to be true to how we both look in this day in age. For that part of the plan, I enlisted the help of her good friend Aliza and Mindy. Aliza designed the plot...Mindy's brithday was the week before, so they were going to meet downtown for brunch to "celebrate." Aliza told Melissa that the restaurant would offer a discount to nurses on Tuesday who come in with their scrubs on. Aliza and I worked the plan so that their path from the car to the restaurant would cross my path.

The last part I wanted to include was her family and other close friends in town. I arranged for her parents, Aunt Marcia, her sister's family (Jeff, Bec, Jackson, Cooper and Brewer) and her close friends Allision and Kim to meet at a local coffee shop. After taking a few photos around town, Melissa was eager to start the process of calling everyone, but insisted on showing her one more suprise. Everyone had gathered upstairs, so when we walked in to get our hot beverages, she still was in suspense. Then we turned up stairs and met the gang. It was a great way to celebrate with those we love.

Katie & Jon

Some back-story:

Jason proposes toWe met in the halls of Owen High School. I noticed the ribbon in her hair and she noticed my baseball uniform. We've been inseparable ever since. Katie is a kindergarten teacher and has had a life-long admiration and love of Dr. Seuss. Out of college I decided I would join the Army and was subsequently stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado Springs. Katie remained in our home town of Asheville NC while I was away. Our time apart made our hearts grow fonder thus I decided to begin my search for the perfect ring. She wanted an antique look and something that would be truly unique. I also knew that she wanted a ring from Parade Designs which is how I found Johannes Hunter Jewelers. The employees at Johannes were incredibly helpful in the search of the perfect Parade band. With ring in hand I set out to propose.

The Proposal:

From Colorado I enlisted help from both of our families to set up the perfect Dr. Seuss themed scavenger hunt. On May 25th, 2013 I flew to NC unbeknownst to Katie. The morning started with a video message of me instructing her that I would be sending her on a scavenger hunt to make up for all the time we've missed together over the past year. I told her to video her adventure since I would not be there to see. Her mom, dad and sister gave her clue #1 which directed her to our favorite sitting tree when we were teenagers. Upon arrival she was greeted by her brother, twin sister and brother-in-law where she had to climb the tree to get her 2nd clue. Clue #2 sent her to a lake gazebo where we took prom pictures years ago. When she arrived, my dad and his girlfriend presented her with a riddle of which she had to solve in order to get the next clue. The riddle was solved quickly and she moved on to her next clue, our favorite ice cream parlor. From there my mother, sister, brother, brother-in-law, and my niece and nephews surprised Katie with her last and final clue which ultimately led her to me. The last clue steered Katie to our high school where we met and shared many memories. I proposed near the baseball fields where I originally caught her eye. I read her favorite book "Oh the places you'll go" where I changed the words to read "Today is our day, our mountain is waiting so marry me and we'll get on our way." I asked and she said YES!

Kai & Sheldon

Sheldon can never surprise me. We designed the ring together so my one request was that he surprised me with the proposal.

We drove down from Denver to look at the mold of the ring…thinking that the proposal wouldn’t happen until September at the earliest.

When we walked in and headed towards the back of the store, Sheldon took the box and got down on one knee. I thought he was joking and told him to get up. But he opened the box and I was speechless, which never happens, and couldn’t respond for a minute. Finally I said Yes!

Alice in Wonderland Party

For this year's November party, we invited our JHJ family to join us for a fun evening where the conversation and laughs flowed as much as the wine did. We all dressed up as our favorite story characters and had a blast decorating the store. We were especially proud of the caterpillar that was designed by Jessica and Kristen! We hope you were able to join us in the festivities, but if not, keep a look out for our future gatherings. As the pictures clearly show, you don't want to miss them!